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Kevin Fogle, Wisconsin Deconstruction Regional ManagerKevin Fogle

Wisconsin Regional Manager

With Kevin’s help, you can …

• Accomplish your construction goals while ensuring the continued life of the reusable materials. Whether you’re planning a small remodeling project or a complete teardown, contact Justin for a friendly, factual explanation of the process.

• Receive a tax deduction for donated building materials, significantly reducing, or totally offsetting, the cost of deconstruction.

• Connect with some of the finest contractors in Wisconsin.

• Join our growing network of homeowners, building owners, contractors, architects, interior designers, developers, environment advocates, government officials and planning-department professionals committed to reducing waste through C&D recovery and reuse.

How the deconstruction model works: 

How the deconstruction model works

In Deconstruction Wisconsin News: 

1895 Episcopal Church Deconstruction

This Episcopal Church dating back to 1895 was located at 2455 North Richards Street and known as “Old St. Edmunds” memorializing William Edmund Armitage, the second bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. Edmund was a pious king from East Anglia (England).

Oconomowoc Deconstruction

This was a complete deconstruction of a house built in 2004 and was 4,300 SF. Due to this being a relatively new house the fixtures were modern and in very good condition.  


The ReUse People

Wall Street Journal article "The Demolition Discount"

The Wall Street Journal | Real Estate December 21, 2012

Scott and Pamela Weiss paid a little under $5 million for a home in Palo Alto, Calif., last year. Come tax time, they expect to get back about $66,000 for tearing it down.

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